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How to download your HPCSA registration certificate or card

An HPCSA registration certificate certifies that the bearer is a legally qualified healthcare practitioner and therefore allowed to practice their profession in South Africa. Registered practitioners can use their registration cards or certificates as proof of registration with the HPCSA.

See the five-step process outlined below for more information and what to do should you require help with your HPCSA registration.

Downloading proof of HPCSA registration

Before you begin, make sure you already have an HPCSA online account and that you have paid your annual fees – click here for instructions.

If for some reason you are unable to access your account you can visit the HPCSA online portal for self-service by clicking here.

  1. Open the HPCSA website and click on the Log in or Sign up button.

2. Click on My Registrations button.

3. Choose the registration status that is indicated as ACTIVE and Click here to proceed.

Practitioners who are non-compliant can update their status as follows:

4. Click on Card option at the bottom of the page.

5. The card will be displayed as show below. To download the card choose Print Card and select the PDF option to save a copy for your records.

Problems downloading HPCSA registration certificate

Practitioners experiencing any problems with downloading or registering online can consult the self-service portal. Click here for guidance on how to log a service request.   

Last Updated on 16 May 2024 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs