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How to update CEU and CPD on the HPCSA website

The CPD programme has been streamlined and practitioners are advised to familiarise themselves with the new process to meet their HPCSA CPD requirements. In this article we explain how to update Continued Education Units (CEUs) and raise a Continued Professional Development (CPD) service request on the HPCSA website.

How to update Continued Education Units
  1. Go to the HPCSA website and click the Online Services option in the Quick Links menu.

2. Choose Log in or Sign up. Please note:

  • All registered practitioners have an account – please do not create a new account.
  • Practitioner using the portal for the first time must use ID number as username and create a password.
  • For assistance contact

3. When logging in:

  • Practitioners who have logged in before – use ID or passport number for username.
  • Practitioners logging in for the first time – click on the Forgot username or password link to set up portal access.

4. First time portal users must complete the fields in the Account Assistance screen below.

  • Use your ID or passport numbers in the Username field.
  • Click Reset my password to proceed. 
  • An email will be sent to the email address and SMS will be sent to the cell number on HPCSA database.

5. If you are unable to log in, click on the Recover account button at the bottom of the Account Assistance page.

6. You will receive an email or sms with a link to reset your password.

  • Click on the link which will take you to the Accounts Settings page.
  • Enter your password and click Submit to verify it. 
  • Remember to use a strong password consisting of upper and lowercase, numbers and symbols like #Password1.

7. Upon successfully logging in, verify that the details are correct and click Save changes at the bottom of the Account Settings page.

8. To check your CPD status, go to the Account Settings page and click on your name in the top righthand corner and select Account Overview.

9. Click on the My CPDs tab on the Account Overview page.

10. The summary of CPD activity screen will indicate CPD compliance with the option to download compliance letter enabled. Choose Click here to proceed.

11. CPD work page will show the status of recorded CPD activities. If you are compliant you will be able to Download letter confirming compliance by clicking on the highlighted link.

12. If you are not compliant, or would like to add CPD documents, choose the Add new CPD option at the bottom of the same CPD summary page.

13. Complete the required fields on the CPD Form page and click the Submit button.

14. A service request number will be emailed to you.

15. To check if your request has been resolved, go to the Support History page displaying your current status.

*Please note:

  • Only certificates issued within the past two years are valid for CEUs claims.
  • Queries will be resolved within 21 days.
Help with CPD
  1. Should you have any questions regarding your CPD status click on the CPD Query button at the bottom of the Support History page.

2. Complete the fields and click Submit Your Question.

Submit CPD question to HPCSA

3. To check if your request has been resolved, go to the Support History page displaying your current status.

Practitioners can click here for the HPCSA CPD guidelines and contact Ms Boledi Maleka at or Ms Helena da Silva at for specific questions regarding the programme.

Last Updated on 23 Jun 2022 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs