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How to log a service request through the HPCSA portal

The HPCSA portal allows practitioners to manage their registration online. In this post we explain how to log into the portal, apply for community service, student or any other qualified registration, change of category, proof of payment and restoration.

Please note:

    • If you are an existing registered user of the HPCSA portal, you can skip to step 9 for guidance on how to request specific services.
    • First time portal users can follow the online registration process from step 1 below.
Accessing the HPCSA online self-service portal

1. Go to the HPCSA website or click on the link

2. Click on Online Services.

3. Please note that all registered practitioners have been assigned accounts – please do not create a new account.

4. Click on the Login or Sign-up button to access the portal.

3. Existing portal users can Log In using the practitioner ID or passport number as Username along with their saved Password. We explain how to access the services offered by the HPCSA portal from step 9 onwards.

4. First time portal users (i.e. not logged in on this system before but registered with the HPCSA), need to click on the Forgot username or password link.

5. First time portal users are to enter their ID or passport number in the Username field and click on the button Reset My Password. An email will be sent to the registered email address and an SMS will be sent to the registered cell number.

6. An email or SMS will be sent containing a link to reset your password.

7. Upon receiving the email or SMS, click on the link and enter your chosen password to verify your account. An example of a strong password that can be used is @Password1. The Password must have one special character, a capital letter, number, and normal alphabets.

8. If you do not receive any communication, click on the Recover Account button.

9. Registered practitioners will be able to log in to their Account page. Check if your practitioner details are correct and Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

10. For access to the service request of your choice, choose Online Services in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

11. Select the service you require and follow the prompts.

Requesting specific HPCSA services

Registered practitioners can log in to the HPCSA portal and access the Online Services screen. Practitioners can choose their specific requests from the menu options on display. Some of the most frequently requested services are for community service, student or any other qualified registration, change of category, proof of payment and restoration.

Medical practitioners applying for community service can select Community Service Post Internship and follow the prompts.

Student registration or any other qualified registration can select Other Registration and follow the prompts.

Change of category form supervised practitioner applications can select Independent Practice and follow the prompts.

Proof of Payment submissions can select Update Payment Receipts and follow the prompts.

Restoration applications can select Restore a Registration and follow the prompts.


Last Updated on 27 Jun 2022 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs