Call for nominations to HPCSA Professional Boards 2020


HPCSA registered practitioners are invited to nominate candidates for the new HPCSA Professional Boards. The current term of office for the Professional Boards expires on 30 June 2020, and the Council requests that the nominations for eligible candidates reach the Returning Officer by no later than 6 February 2020.

The nomination process is simple, see the information below for more on frequently asked questions and how to download nomination forms. If required, practitioners can direct specific questions regarding nominations to the Returning Officer.

Nominations for new HPCSA Professional Boards 2020 now open.

Information about the Nominations
Terms of eligibility and nomination forms can be accessed and downloaded from or

The Service Provider
The HPCSA has appointed an independent company, Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa, (EISA), to manage the process for nominations on its behalf. This means all nomination forms must be sent to EISA directly and all queries relating to nominations will be handled by EISA.

Any nomination form which does not comply with the regulations relating to the nomination and appointment of members of the Professional Boards or which is not received by the aforesaid date and time at the address, fax number or email address given below, will be deemed invalid.

Completed Nomination forms and supporting documents  
Practitioners may submit their nominations in the following ways:

  • Hand Delivery: 14 Park Road, Richmond, 2092
  • Postal address: PO BOX 740, Auckland Park, 2006
  • Email:
  • Fax: 086 529 5254
  • Whatsapp: 063 392 7978
  • EISA: 0800 11 43 73

Completed nomination forms must reach the Returning Officer at the address, fax number or email address below by no later than 16h30 on 6 February 2020.

Should practitioners require further assistance, please feel free to contact the Electoral Institute of South Africa (EISA), the organization appointed to handle the nominations process.

The Returning Officer, Ms Crystal Africa, will be reachable on the following contacts:

  • Toll-free number 0800 11 43 73
  • WhatsApp 063 392 7978
  • Email between 08h30 and 16h30 weekdays