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Paramedic stabbed eight times

An ER24 paramedic has been stabbed eight times during an attempted hijacking in Vereeniging.

30-year-old Ryno Strydom was off duty when he noticed a man lying in the middle of Mario Milani Road this afternoon. After he pulled over to assist the man, two more emerged from the side of the road.

The men pulled him down to a nearby river and stabbed him multiple times. They then attempted to take his car but couldn’t bypass his car’s immobiliser.

They then fled the scene with Strydom’s cellphone and wallet.

Strydom managed to drive to his ER24 base where he was stabilised and taken to hospital where he is still being treated.

Source: Eyewitness News

•    HPCSA comment:  These attacks on healthcare practitioners are unacceptable as they are treating the public, fulfilling a life calling of treating patients and serving the public.

Last Updated on 9 July 2014 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs