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Customer satisfaction survey

The HPCSA is currently conducting its first Customer Satisfaction Survey – running until the end of April 2016. The objective of the survey is to:

  • Create and sustain greater awareness of HPCSA among all practitioners registered under the Health Professions Act.
  • Position the HPCSA so that it is relevant to all practitioners.
  • Evaluate the HPCSA’s role, the value of the HPCSA for practitioners and other stakeholders, and the various service offerings.

The survey results will enable the Council to identify where it needs to improve in its ongoing efforts to provide its practitioners with superior service.

Practitioners were randomly selected from our designated service provider, Data Management and Statistical Analysis (DMSA), to participate in this survey.

The HPCSA requests practitioners to please take part as the Council can only improve with constructive feedback.

The HPCSA thank practitioners for participating in the survey; as Council can only improve with constructive feedback.

Last Updated on 15 April 2016 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs