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Celebrating World Occupational Therapy Day

The Professional Board for Occupational Therapy, Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics and Art Therapists (OCP) regulates three professions, one of which is the occupational therapy. The OCP Board is mandated to regulate occupational therapists and occupational therapy technicians/assistants and promote awareness of the profession so that the public and other health professionals are aware of occupational therapy practitioner roles and functions within healthcare and society.

The OCP Board celebrated World Occupational Therapy Day in October through a series of outreach initiatives.


World Occupational Therapy (OT) Day was on 27 October 2022. In honour of this global day recognising the occupational therapy profession, the OCP Board highlighted the role of OT in the different areas of practice and drawing attention to how leadership and mentorship can be developed for young practitioners who are starting a private practice. The mentorship of young private practitioners assists in building the capacity of younger therapists and safeguards the public. The World Federation of Occupational Therapists’ (WFOT) theme for World Occupational Therapy Day is Opportunity + Choice = Justice. Many people, both adults and children, in South Africa face limitations and challenges in participating in activities that bring meaning to them due to socioeconomic barriers, lack of stimulation, illness, disability, natural disasters and, as we experienced during 2020/21 global pandemic. Occupational therapists’ unique perspective allows them to create opportunities for persons across the lifespan to participate in daily activities or tasks (meaningful occupation) by modifying an activity, or environment to enhance participation or create an alternative activity to improve the person’s quality of life. Occupational therapy through facilitating the opportunity to participate gives personal choices and, in this way promotes a more open and just society.

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