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All practitioners must register

Any qualified medical professional wishing to practise must be registered with the Health Professionals Council. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.

Registering with the HPCSA is a legal requirement in order to practise in a profession that falls under its protection and authority, regardless of the fact that one has obtained a qualification in that profession. It is illegal and a criminal offence to practise in a profession that is registerable with the HPCSA without being registered.

Practitioners relocating to other countries are also required to inform the HPCSA prior to the relocation. Several practitioners do not renew their registration when relocating overseas and as a result practitioners are subject to steep restoration fees, which could be avoided, hence, HPCSA is requesting practitioners inform it in time should a practitioner which to were no longer going practice in South Africa.

Practitioners should at all times inform the HPCSA within 30 days of their change of address as indicated in terms of s18(3) of the Health Professions Act (as amended).

To update your details, please contact the HPCSA Call Centre on 012 338 9300 or

Last Updated on 5 August 2015 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs