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Guidelines on professional relationship conduct

Ethics form one of the cornerstones to ensuring the healthcare profession enjoys its continued status and trust from society at large.

The HPCSA is embarking on an ongoing awareness campaign to ensure compliance to ethical standards.

To this end, Council would reminds practitioners that their ethical guidelines extend to working relationships with fellow healthcare practiotioners:

  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with other healthcare professionals in pursuit of the best health care for all patients,
  • Not discriminate against colleagues, including healthcare practitioners because of their views, of their race, culture, ethnicity, social status, lifestyle, perceived economic worth, age, gender, disability, communicable disease status, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual beliefs, or any other of vulnerability,
  • Refrain from speaking ill of colleagues or other healthcare practitioners,
  • Not make a patient doubt the knowledge or skills of colleagues by making comments about them that cannot be fully justified,
  • Support colleagues who uphold the core values and standards embraced in the HPCSA guidelines,
  • Advise colleagues who are impaired to seek professional assistance.

Click here for the complete list of ethical rules and guidelines.


Last Updated on 6 October 2017 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs