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Who can apply for a refund from the HPCSA?

Practitioners can request a refund from the HPCSA in the event of overpayment or duplication of payment by their employer.

A refund usually refers to the reimbursement of funds to a client for the following reasons:

  • Duplicate or extra payment – Should a practitioner realise that they have paid double the required amount, he/she has the right to request a refund from the HPCSA. However, the practitioner has to provide proof of such a duplication.
  • Exempted – A practitioner who reaches the age of 71 before 01 April of the current year is exempted from paying the annual fees.
  • Exempted due to ill health – A practitioner who is unable to practise due to ill health, may request a refund from the HPCSA. A medical report, issued by a medical practitioner, must accompany such application.
  • Deceased – A family member may request a refund on behalf of the deceased practitioner, should this be before 1 April of the current year.
  • Unable to register (due to insufficient qualifications)
  • Erased – Practitioners who have been erased by the HPCSA due to unprofessional conduct, may request for a refund should this be before 1 April of the current year.

Required documentation for requesting a refund

Supporting documents for requesting a refund are the following:

  • Original stamped or certified copy of a letter from the bank or the original or certified copy of a cancelled cheque.
  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Proof of payments as no refunds will be issued without them

Below are the processes of obtaining a refund:

  • Practitioners must submit their application form for refund by email, fax, mail or walk-in.
  • Ensure that all documents required are submitted, this will eliminate any delays.
  • Analyse debtors account and ensure that all the deposits are showing on debtors account.
  • Should the HPCSA determine that a refund is not payable, an HPCSA employee will contact the practitioner to inform if a refund will not be successful.
  • If a refund is payable, the HPCSA will process the refund.

Please note:

  • Some of the HPCSA services are automated, which means you can check your status and download invoices and proof of registration through their online portal.  
  • Visit the HPCSA self-service portal at should you have any questions.

Last Updated on 13 June 2022 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs