Voluntary HPCSA de-registration and reinstatement

Registration with the HPCSA is a pre-requisite for professional practice. Any health professional may apply for voluntary de-registration or erasure.

A practitioner must apply in writing to the HPCSA before the last day of March each year for voluntary removal of his/her name from the register in terms of Section 19(1) (c) of the Act. If a practitioner’s name is voluntarily removed from the register and the practitioner was in no way practicing his/her profession, the following will apply on request for a reinstatement:

  • If a person requests reinstatement following a period of one to three years, a period of supervised practice as determined by the Professional Board will be required; or alternatively a written and clinical examination in relevant areas of practice may be recommended.
  • If a person requests reinstatement after a period of three years, a written and clinical examination as determined by the Professional Board will be conducted in the relevant areas of practice and include a period of supervised practice.

If a person has been registered with an acceptable other Professional Board or an equivalent licensing institution/body outside South Africa and has complied with the CPD requirements of that institution/body he/she may apply for the reinstatement of his/her name by submitting proof of that registration and compliance with the CPD of that country/institution/body.

After completing the requirements of each of the registration categories, the onus is on the individual to formally apply for registration in the next category. Penalty fees are charged upon application for a new registration category if the individual has not been registered as student in the required category.

The registration guidelines vary from one Professional Board to the other. There is a detailed reference guide for the registration requirements for each of the 12 Professional Boards, simply select the appropriate Professional Board.

For more information:

HPCSA : Guidelines for Good Practice in the health care professions (Booklet 4)

Health Professions Act 56 of 1974