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Updating contact details on HPCSA portal

Practitioners can update their personal details online by logging a service request with the HPCSA as explained below. The HPCSA portal also allows practitioners to follow up on existing requests.

Updating personal details

1. Go to the HPCSA website at or click on the link Online Services link.

2. Click on the Log in or Sign up button.

3. Please note that all registered Practitioners have been assigned accounts – do not create a New Account. Practitioner new to the platform – i.e. registered with the HPCSA but not logged in before – will need to click on the Forgot Username or Password link.

4. Existing practitioners has can log in by entering their Username (practitioner ID number or Passport number) and Password.

5. Practitioners new to the portal need to click on the Login or Sign-up button.

6. Type in practitioner ID number or passport number below Username and click on the Reset My Username button. An email will be sent to the registered email address and an SMS will be sent to the registered cell number.

7. If you do not receive any communication via SMS or email this indicates that the HPCSA does not have your updated details. Click on the Recover Account button to resolve these issues.

8. Upon receiving the email or SMS, click on the link to reset your password and enter your password to verify it. An example of a strong password that can be used is @Password1. The Password must contain at least one special character, at least one capital letter, at least one number and lowercase letters.

9. After successful login, the below page will be displayed as below. Check if details are correct and click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

10. Click on Online Services in the top menu bar and under the Service Request heading click Update Personal Information.

11. Complete the details of the information you would like to update in the dialogue box and attach the applicable documents specified in the list below. Click on the Submit Your Service Request button to send the request.

12. A confirmation with the service request reference number will be shown as per below.

Existing service request

1. To follow up on an existing service request click on Account Overview where the submitted service requests will be listed as per example below.

2. Click on the required field to pull up the details of your enquiry as per below.

3. Complete the nature of your request in the textbox and add additional information by way of an attachment and click on Submit.

A confirmation message will be displayed on your screen to verify your submission.


Practitioners experiencing any problems updating their information can consult the self-service portal. Click here for guidance on how to log a service request.


Last Updated on 24 June 2022 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs