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The effect of incorrect practitioner details on HPCSA database

The Council has over the years been grappling with the issue of practitioners who do not update their personal details in the event that they change their personal details.

This in most if not all instances, involves persons who have changed their addresses or contact details, has an impact on the functioning of the Council as it makes it impossible for the Registrar to keep accurate registers as required by Section 19(2) of the Act.

The impact of an inaccurate register is that Council is unable to communicate with practitioners in cases where:

  1. there are complaints lodged against them and they have to respond within prescribed timeframes;
  2. their registration is due for renewal and the amount of annual fees due;
  3. they are due for audit for compliance with the conditions of Continued Professional Development;
  4. Council or the Professional Board wishes to communicate any matter of significance to the practitioners and the profession (especially related to Policy Development or changes in Ethical Rules).

To address this anomaly, Section 18(3) of the Act provides that:

“Every registered person who changes his or her contact details shall in writing notify the Registrar thereof within 30 days after such a change.”

Furthermore, Section 19(1) makes provision for the Professional Board to direct the Registrar to remove from the register the name of any person-

“(b) who has failed to notify the Registrar, within a period of three months, as from the date of an enquiry sent by the Registrar by certified mail to the address appearing in the register in respect of such person, of his or her present address.”

Practitioners should therefore be mindful of the fact that their registration with Council may be revoked if they do not update their contact details and that practicing whilst not registered constitute a criminal offence.

With the introduction of the online renewal portal, we urge our practitioners to use this portal to ensure that their details are up to date. Alternately practitioners can contact (+27) 12 338 9300 or (+27) 12 338 9301 or email to update details.


Last Updated on 28 March 2017 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs