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Roadshows for Practitioners and the Public

The aim of the roadshows is to engage with practitioners, educate and update you on a number of pertinent issues such as clarifying the role of the HPCSA, how to avoid litigation, ethical guidelines, rules on the latest rulings, as well as to share any challenges or concerns that you may have.

They take the form seminars that includes presentations by highly esteemed speakers on ethics and medical law, undesirable business practices, and how you as a practitioner are impacted by the ethical rules, proposed fitness to practice and performance assessments.

By attending the roadshows, practitioners will be eligible for Continuing Educational Units.

The Cape Town roadshow is scheduled for 26 March 2015 at the Grand West Sun. Registrations open on 9 March 2015.

Last Updated on 6 March 2015 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs