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Professional Board for Radiography and Clinical Technology

The HPCSA Professional Board for Radiography and Clinical Technology (RCT) is responsible for regulating the practice of radiography and clinical technology professions in South Africa. The board ensures that registered professionals adhere to ethical and professional standards, investigates complaints and disciplinary matters, and sets guidelines and standards for education, training, and registration of professionals. The board also collaborates with other organizations to improve the quality of healthcare services provided by radiography and clinical technology professionals in South Africa. Overall, the board plays a crucial role in protecting the public by ensuring that registered professionals meet the necessary qualifications, skills, and competencies to provide safe and effective healthcare services.

The RCT Board is constituted of thirteen (13) members appointed by the Minister of Health in terms of Section 15 of the Health Professions Act 1974, (Act 56 of 1974).


Regulator of ethical, equitable, efficient, and innovative radiography and clinical technology professions.

Mission Statement

The Radiography and Clinical Technology Board strives to be efficient, within its mandate:

  • Prioritise protection of the public;
  • Ensure continuous professional development;
  • Set and monitor compliance to quality norms, standards, and guidelines for protection of all;
  • Promote ethical practice and protection of the public;
  • Proactively engage and collaborate with all stakeholders (internal and external);
  • Timeously respond to the needs of stakeholders; and
  • Function in an effective and efficient manner.
Strategic objectives
  • To ensure an effective CPD programme
  • To implement a quality assurance programme for professionals
  • Enhance ethical practice
  • Improve professional practice and provide guidance for all professions in the Board
  • Improve relations between the Professional Board for Radiography and Clinical Technology and all relevant stakeholders

Practitioners are advised to use the self-service portal for specific questions around their HPCSA registration.

For more information on the HPCSA and RCT Board visit

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