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Phasing out of Board Examination for Student Dental Assistants

The Professional Board for Dental Therapy and Oral Hygiene would like to remind practitioners of the phasing out of the Board examination for student dental assistants.

The requirement for registration as a Dental Assistant is based on the the successful completion of a National Certificate in Dental Assisting from a University of Technology, recognised in terms of sub regulation 1 of the regulations relating to registration of Dental Assistants (DA).

The Board has implemented a Board examination for Student Dental Assistants who are currently registered under the grandfather clause, i.e. registration based on years of experience. The 2015 Board examination was conducted on 15 May 2015. The candidates who were successful in the Board examination were registered as Dental Assistants.

The Board examination tests competency and knowledge of Student Dental Assistants registered under the grandfather clause for registration as Dental Assistants. Qualification certificates will not be issued to candidates who are successful in the examination as the Board is not an education institution. The examination focuses on the application of theoretical knowledge in practice and will also include issues relating to ethics, human rights and HIV/Aids. The Board examination will be phased out in 2016 (last examination will be conducted in 2016) and student Dental Assistants who have not sat for the Board examination by 2016 will be required to enrol for the formal Dental Assisting course at an accredited education institution. It is no longer possible to register as a Student Dental Assistant or a Dental Assistant in terms of the grandfather clause, i.e. registration based on years of experience, since the provision in the regulations for registration in terms of the grandfather clause has expired.

Last Updated on 4 August 2015 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs