New HPCSA registration guidelines for medical practitioners

The Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDB) considered the registration of South African Citizens who hold qualifications not prescribed for registration during the board meeting held on the 19th and 24th June 2020.

The MDB decided on the pathway for registering such citizens who hold foreign qualifications and who are not registered as medical practitioners under a foreign registering authority and therefore not meeting all requirements for registration in terms of Regulation 4 of the Regulations relating to the registration of persons who hold qualifications not prescribed for registration (Regulation 101).

Pathway to HPCSA registration for non-qualifying medical practitioners:

  • On evaluation of the application for registration, the applicant may be required to write the theory part of the assessment as stated in section 25(2) of the Health Professions Act.
  • Upon successful completion of the assessment, the applicant should apply directly to a South African University for clinical exposure placement for a period of a year (the onus to apply and secure such placement is on the applicant).
  • On receipt of a letter of placement at a University, the applicant should apply to HPCSA for registration in the category of a student intern (INS)
  • Upon completion of 12 months of clinical exposure at a South African University, the applicant will be required to do the practical part of the assessment (Objective Structured Clinical Examination – OSCE) as stated in section 25(2) of the Act.
  • On successful completion of the OSCE Examination or proof of success, the applicant will be registered in the Category of Internship, and will, on completion, be registered in the category of Public Service (Community Service) in terms of section 24A of the Act.
  • Candidates will only be allowed a maximum of three attempts for the theory and practical parts of the assessment, respectively.

Practitioners who require additional guidance can submit their queries to

Last Updated on 29 Jul 2020 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs