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Updated CPD programme

The HPCSA has streamlined Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements by making the process interactive. The new workflow is explained in the article below and practitioners are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the revised process.

Regulatory framework

Conditions relating to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme are a prerequisite for continued registration. Section 26 of the Health Professions Act, 56 of 1974, is the legislative reference for all matters relating to CPD programme. Council, after consultation with the Professional Boards, developed CPD rules which:

  • Determine conditions relating to CPDs to be undertaken by persons registered in terms of the Act to retain such registration;
  • Determine the nature and extent of CPDs to be undertaken by the persons registered in terms of this Act;
  • Relate to the criteria for recognition by the Professional Board of CPD activities and of service providers offering such activities; and
  • Relate to offences in respect of, and penalties for, non-compliance.
Update regarding CPD programme

Since October 2020, Council introduced an online self-service portal on the HPCSA’s website for registered practitioners to submit all CPD related queries and upload necessary evidence of compliance to the CPD programme (e.g., CPD certificates) to meet requirements in terms of Section 26 of the Act. The introduction of the portal means the following changes to the process of submitting CPD information:

  • The practice of random sampling practitioners from HPCSA database to verify compliance to CPD requirements is now discontinued. Registered practitioners are encouraged to continue engaging CPD activities to acquire Continuous Education Units (CEUs) and submit information directly on the HPCSA’s website on continuous basis, without waiting for notice to do so.
  • Emailing of CPD enquiries is also discontinued; practitioners may utilise the portal on HPCSA’s website to also send any enquiries relating to CPD matters.
CEUs expiry period

Acquired CEUs are valid for a period of 24 months, for both ethics, (human rights and health law) and clinical points from the date that the activity took place. It is recommended that practitioners regularly visit the HPCSA’s online portal to view their CPD status.

Minimum CEU points required

Minimum CEUs required for independent registrations are 30 for clinical practice per year (60 for 2 years cycles) with 5 (10 for two years) being ethics or human rights. For other registration categories, the minimum required are 15 per year (30 for 2 years cycle) with at least 2 (4 for 2 years) being those of ethics or human rights in nature.

Uploading CEU certificates

In order for registered practitioners to remain compliant to the CPD programme, they must upload their CEU certificates on the HPCSA’s CPD portal as and when they become available. After the CEU certificates are uploaded, HPCSA will validate compliance within 30 days of such upload and the notification will be sent to the practitioners on the provided contact details.

Uploading HPCSA certificates

Click here for the step-by-step procedure on how to upload certificates on HPCSA’s portal.

Further information

Should you experience any issues relating to your CPD status:

  • You can log a service request on the HPCSA website or;
  • Send an email (using your HPCSA registration number as reference) to:
    • Ms Boledi K Maleka:
    • Ms Helena D Silva:

Last Updated on 26 October 2021 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs