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HPCSA fees for provincial government practitioners

Practitioners employed in the public sector whose annual HPCSA registration fees are paid over by their employer, are advised to liaise with their respective provincial health departments to verify if deductions were done on PERSAL. In this article we explain the PERSAL deduction process, how to claim refunds and where to get help with your HPCSA registration.

In terms of the Health Professions Act, practitioners will stay responsible for the payment of any outstanding annual fees to Council.

Practitioners are reminded to adhere to their HPCSA registration requirements which includes the timely payment of annual fees. Failure to pay by the due date will result in immediate suspension from the register.

PERSAL deduction process

HPCSA has put in place the following process for PERSAL deductions:

  • HPCSA receives data from the Provincial Health Department including names of practitioners, ID number and PERSAL number.
  • Data received in (1) above, is verified with data on HPCSA’s system (using ID number provided).
  • Invoices are issued for each practitioner indicating the balance owed to Council at that point in time.
  • The respective Provincial Health Departments are issued with the required documentation to deduct amounts due to be paid to the HPCSA from PERSAL system.
  • Provincial Health Department in turn supplies a PERSAL file of actual deductions to Treasury who issue a bulk payment on into the HPCSA bank account.
  • The Provincial Health Department also issues the HPCSA with a breakdown of the bulk payment that us then updated to each individual practitioner account.

Above process can take a few months to finalise and for a practitioner account to reflect the PERSAL deduction. The HPCSA will not be suspending any practitioner without prior notification. HPCSA sends annual fee reminder letters and SMS notification to practitioners at risk of being suspended.

Suspensions will take place once Provincial Health Department PERSAL payments have been allocated to the practitioners accounts. The PERSAL process is likely to be finalised June/July 2022 and suspensions will only happen there after.


Practitioners can request a refund from the HPCSA in the event of overpayment or duplication of payment by their employer. Click here for guidance on requesting a refund.


Practitioners with questions regarding their HPCSA status can consult the self-service portal and click here for instructions on accessing the self-help function.


Last Updated on 24 Jun 2022 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs