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How to pay HPCSA annual fees

The HPCSA annual fees are payable to Council by way of direct of internet deposit. To ensure swift and correct handling of practitioner fees, we request following the payment methods and processes as set out below.

Payment methods
  • HPCSA payments can be done via the online portal, direct deposits or EFT’s – see bank details below.
  • Please note that the HPCSA does not accept cash on their premises or credit card payments.
HPCSA Bank Details
  • Bank: ABSA
  • Branch: Arcadia
  • Branch Code: 63 2005
  • Account Name: HPCSA
  • Account Type: Cheque
  • Account Numbers:
    • Annual fees: 405 00 33 481
    • Other fees: 061 00 00 169
  • Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
  • Deposit References:
    • Registered practitioners: HPCSA registration number (eg MP1234567)
    • New registrations: ID or passport number

Please note: Internet transfers take approximately three days to reflect on our statement and all direct payments from ABSA branches take 24 hours.

Help with HPCSA payments

Visit our online portal for self-service by following the link:

Should you encounter any issues with your HPCSA registration, you can log a service request through the online portal. Click here for instructions on logging your service request.

Last Updated on 4 August 2023 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs