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How to deregister your HPCSA membership

Any health professional may apply for voluntary erasure from the register in writing before 31 March. If the application is made on or after 1 April of that year the annual fee for that year will apply and must first be paid. The voluntary erasure requested will then take effect from the following year.

Should the professional request restoration of his/her name to the register the following will apply:

  • The application for restoration form, Form 18, has to be completed.
  • The applicable annual fee should be paid.
Apply for voluntary erasure

To apply for voluntary removal from the HPCSA register a practitioner need to complete a sworn affidavit application in terms of Section 19 (1)(C) of the Health Professions Act, 1974 (ACT NO. 56 0F 1974 AS AMENDED) – click here for the form, and submitted the document to the HPCSA:

Practitioners with any further questions can reach out to the HPCSA Client Care Centre:


Last Updated on 8 February 2023 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs