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Good news for heart health

A revolutionary treatment for heart disease, approved by the HPCSA, is becoming more accessible to South Africans – and a local medical professional is making his mark with what he calls ‘the natural heart bypass’.

External Counterpulsation (ECP) a revolutionary treatment for heart disease has received class 1a recommendation by the European Cardiology Association, American Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Chinese Medical Association as well as a class llb recommendation by the American Cardiology Association.

ECP has been approved by the HPCSA in order for the South African population to benefit from this technological innovation. The Radiography and Clinical Technology board of the HPCSA has accredited ECP as part of the education and training of clinical technologists in the category of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Perfusion and has accredited the first satellite training centre in KZN.

The RCT board of the HPCSA would like to congratulate Dr Rakesh Mohanlall, for being invited as an international guest speaker to the 25th Saudi Heart Association (SHA) conference held in Riyadh in February this year. Dr Mohanlall is the first to hold a doctorate in cardiovascular perfusion. His first presentation focused on 3 Dimensional Vasculography (3 DVG). It is an advanced non-invasive cardiovascular scan used for early detection of cardiovascular disease and evaluation of patients before any surgery.

The second presentation was on External Counterpulsation (ECP). Using these two independent technologies, Dr Mohanlall unravelled, quantified, treated and presented the underlying causes of Cardiac “Syndrome X (CSX).”

Last Updated on 17 November 2014 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs