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Free and low-cost CPD options

The Professional Board for Dental Assisting, Dental Therapy and Oral Hygiene (PBDOH) under the ambit of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) appreciates that in these challenging economic times various practitioners have limited financial resources and are unable to incur substantial costs in obtaining Continuous Education Units (CEUs) as part of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Several CPD providers offer free or low-cost CPD activities, and whilst some may not be directly linked to dentistry the content may be relevant to healthcare and general patient management. The HPCSA has accepted the principle of cross recognition of CEUs.

The PBDOH has compiled a list of CPD providers that offer free or low-cost CPD activities. Whilst this list is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive, and the PBDOH encourages practitioners to inform the Board of any activities or providers that are not listed, so that the list may be updated.

The PBDOH encourages professionals to undertake a wide range of CPD activities, including hands-on training and the attendance of physical workshops, meetings etc.

Type of CPD Website
Free CPD courses related to COVID
Dental Protection (free/low-cost CPD)If you are a member of Dental Protection then you can access free/low-cost CPD short online courses and interactive workshops
Free online CPD, including ethics
Free online CPD, including ethics
Free online CPD, including ethics                 
Free online CPD, including ethics
Free Dept. of Health webinars and clinical updates
Low cost CPD
Colgate CPD
Wright Millners webinars
Oral B CPD courses
Henty Schein (Dental Warehouse)
Johnson and Johnson (Listerine) Academy
3M Health Care Academy
Modern Dentistry Media

Manage CPD online

The CPD programme has been streamlined and practitioners are advised to familiarise themselves with the new process to meet their HPCSA CPD requirements. If you are new to the HPCSA self-service portal click here for guidance on how to update Continued Education Units (CEUs) and raise a Continued Professional Development (CPD) service request on the HPCSA website.

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The Dental Assisting, Dental Therapy and Oral Hygiene Board

Last Updated on 9 June 2023 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs