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Discontinuation of the Emergency Medical Care programme

2016 started off on a somewhat sour note for the Central University of Technology (CUT), with its accreditation being revoked.

In 2014, the Professional Board for Emergency Care, identified concerns regarding the quality of the National Diploma: Emergency Medical Care (EMC) programme at CUT. As a result, the accreditation of the programme was withdrawn due to non-compliance by the university based on the Board’s accreditation criteria. The Board aims to ensure that it accredits adequately educated and trained emergency care providers for the rendering of quality and safe emergency care for the public of South Africa.

At the time when the accreditation was discontinued, there were pipeline students who were supposed to complete the EMC course. In order not to disadvantage the final year students, HPCSA agreed that these students should complete the course; however, in conjunction, CUT needed to ensure that it improved on the identified areas.

As a means of ensuring that all institutions adhere to providing quality education and training, HPCSA moderators conduct ad hoc visits to confirm that the institutions are sticking to this mandate. It is the duty of the moderators to warrant that institutions are steered in the right direction if there are shortcomings. Several meetings were held between CUT and the HPCSA to assist it in improving in the areas of concern.

However, CUT remained non-compliant and was advised to terminate the education and training of the pipeline students in the National Diploma: EMC programme with immediate effect. As a way forward, CUT must ensure arrangements are made for the placement of students at various education institutions accredited to offer this programme, the placements should be identified to the Board by 15 January 2016.

CUT has subsequently taken the HPCSA to court regarding the discontinuation of the EMC course.

Last Updated on 11 March 2016 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs