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Clinical Practice Guidelines for Emergency Care Practitioners

The Professional Board for Emergency Care (PBEC) last reviewed its Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) in 2017. The PBEC has subsequently received both positive and negative feedback on the CPGs. Practitioners concerns around the length of the document which made it difficult to digest prompted the PBEC to engage a service provider to develop streamlined clinical decision support tools (CDSTs). These are reference resources designed to support clinical decision-making. One can quickly look up information concerning diagnostic and treatment guidance at the point of care with a patient. They contain summaries of various conditions and interventions supported by synthesised and evaluated evidence-based research. Twenty-three CDSTs are being developed, and the first 12 have been completed. These will be presented at the 13 June 2024 Board meeting for approval. The service provider has consulted multiple stakeholders, including medical specialists and emergency care personnel, while developing the CDSTs. All 23 are expected by the end of the year.

Upon approval, these CDSTs will be placed on our website for the consumption of all registered emergency care personnel. It is the practitioner’s responsibility to maintain their continuous professional development and familiarise themselves with the latest CDSTs.

Various colleagues are partaking in research, which may impact practice. Please share your findings with the Board. We do not intend the CDSTs to be a static document; they will be updated occasionally in keeping with the latest available evidence.

Last Updated on 16 May 2024 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs