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Benefits of registering with the HPCSA

The responsibility for maintaining high professional standards rests with the practitioner, who is in turn supported by the office bearers of the Council. Registering with the HPCSA confers many benefits on practitioners, including ensuring overall standards within the professions.

Practitioners who practise any of the healthcare professions registerable with the HPCSA are obliged to register with Council as a statutory body. Apart from guiding the professions, the role of the HPCSA is to:

Confer professional status
• The right to practise your profession;
• Ensuring no unqualified person practises your profession;
• Recognising you as a competent practitioner who may command a reward for services rendered.

Set standards of professional behaviour
• Guiding you on best practices in healthcare delivery;
• Contributing to quality standards that promote the health of all South Africans;
• Acting against unethical practitioners.

Ensure your Continuing Professional Development through:
• Setting and promoting the principles of good practice to be followed throughout your career;
• By keeping you up to date with healthcare trends;
• Improving clinical care skills.

Last Updated on 18 October 2016 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs