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Adhering to Scope of Practice/ Scope of Profession

All individuals who practise any of the health care professions incorporated in the scope of the HPCSA are legally obliged to register to the Council. The twelve (12) Professional Boards are established for the various professions. Registered practitioners must adhere to the regulations that specify the functions of their professions’ scopes of practice.

The Council is aware of the demands of commercial interests, but remind practitioners of the HPCSA Ethical Rules that stipulate practitioners cannot be forced to perform any duty outside their scope. The onus is upon the person employed to act within the confines of their training and scope of profession in an ethical manner, so as to uphold the integrity of the professional category they belong to.

Copies of the HPCSA Ethical Rules are available here or via email at or call 012 338 9300 or 012 338 9301.

Last Updated on 12 November 2018 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs