Adhering to HPCSA registration requirements

Healthcare practitioners in South Africa are required to be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) in order to practice their profession. To qualify for HPCSA registration status, practitioners need to adhere to the registration and professional practice requirements outlined below.

General registration requirements
  • Practitioners are required to keep their personal details up to date. This can be done through the HPCSA online portal or contacting the help desk.
  • An registration fee is payable upon joining the HPCSA followed by an annual fee thereafter.
  • HPCSA registrations are broadly divided into the following categories:
    • Student
    • Internship
    • Student Intern
    • Public Service – Community Service
    • Supervised Practice
    • Independent Practice
    • Private Practice
    • Specialised Practice
    • Sub-Specialised PracticeOther categories for temporary or restricted registration include:
      • Education
      • Post Graduate
      • Volunteer
  • Each category has specific registration requirements. Upon completing the requirements of each of the registration categories, the onus is on the individual to formally apply for registration in the next category.
  • Consult the HPCSA website for resources on:
  • Click here for FAQ’s on HPCSA registrations.
  • For registration related enquieries:
Professional practice requirements

In addition to above-mentioned registration requirements, practitioners also need to comply with the HPCSA requirements for continuous professional development, provision of guidance and advice of ethical rules, regulations and any other professional practice matters.

For any application, submissions and queries email:

Last Updated on 11 Nov 2021 by HPCSA Corporate Affairs