Caution against locums practising illegally

Medical practitioners in private practice using locums when they are not available to practice are urged to ensure that the contracted locum are registered with the HPCSA in compliance with the Health Professions Act. Illegal practitioners are not only breaking the law, but are putting people’s lives at risk resulting in far-reaching reputational risks affecting […]

Prevention is cheaper than cure

The oral disease burden in South Africa has been well documented. Next to the common cold, dental caries is the commonest disease affecting man – yet it is preventable. Good oral hygiene practices and a balanced diet, accompanied by professional dental care, are central to preventing future dental caries. Professional preventive dental care includes counselling […]

The effect of methamphetamine use on our teeth

The rise in illegal drug use is a source of concern – specifically the production and use of methamphetamines, which is a strong stimulant drug, given its impact on society. Crystal, meth and tik are just some of the common street names for this highly addictive drug. Use of this drug can and will cause serious […]

Clever chair

Researchers from Stellenbosch University’s Division of Physiotherapy have developed a multi-function innovation for learners that encourages healthy habits from a young age. The KUZE is the result of years of research in the area of posture and ergonomics by Prof Quinette Louw, Executive Head: Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and other Stellenbosch University researchers, […]

Voluntary HPCSA de-registration and reinstatement

Registration with the HPCSA is a pre-requisite for professional practice. Any health professional may apply for voluntary de-registration or erasure. A practitioner must apply in writing to the HPCSA before the last day of March each year for voluntary removal of his/her name from the register in terms of Section 19(1) (c) of the Act. […]

Acting within field of practice

The Professional Board for Optometry and Dispensing Opticians notes with concern numerous queries and complaints around the performance of certain clinical and professional acts falling within the scope of the Speech, Language and Hearing Professions by practitioners not qualified and competent to perform such clinical acts. Only practitioners registered to a specific HPCSA Professional Board are allowed to […]

HPCSA roadshows 2018

The HPCSA will be hosting interactive symposiums and roadshows across the country in 2018. The roadshows are aimed at increasing stakeholder engagement and improving relations between the HPCSA and practitioners. These events allow the HPCSA to gain valuable insights on issues affecting practitioners enabling Council towards becoming more engaging and more customer-centric. In addition, the […]

HPCSA annual fee reminder

Practitioners are requested to take note of the following issues when paying annual HPCSA fees – which is due before 1 April 2018: Practitioners can access their account information through the Online Renewal Portal under the “STATEMENT” tab. Care should be given to pay the exact amount due using one of the following methods. Please use your HPCSA registration number […]

Nominations for educational expert for Optometry and Dispensing Opticians Board

The Professional Board for Optometry and Dispensing Opticians invites nominations to its Education Committee for an expert in the field of Higher Education and Governance. The selected nominee will be co-opted for the remainder of the Board’s term of office ending in September 2020. The nominee should have experience and expertise in curriculum development. Click […]