Medical regulations

Medical regulations are the regulations, rules or laws that regulate Health Professionals. These regulations are set up to protect the public and to guide health professionals. The Health Professionals Act, Act 56 of 1974 gives power to the HPCSA to regulate health professions in the country in aspects pertaining to registration, education and training, professional […]

Working relationship with colleagues

The practice of healthcare professions is a moral enterprise, the adherence to which not only serves to protect the integrity of individuals, but also ensure the continued livelihood of the professions involved. The HPCSA strives to guide practitioners by way of ethical guidelines in the performance of their day to day duties. The HPCSA wish to highlight the guidelines working […]

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines

The ethical practice of the health professions requires consistent and ongoing commitment to lifelong learning by all health practitioners, through a process of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). CPD assists healthcare professionals to update and develop the knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes that underpin competent practice. This perspective protects the public interest and promotes the health […]

Update: Dental Assisting Board Examination

From the 7th April 2017 until 7th October 2017 (6 months) all dental assistants who have experience but who do not have a qualification can apply to the HPCSA Professional Board for Dental Assisting, Dental Therapy and Oral Hygiene for registration as a Dental Assistant with a limited period of registration. Thereafter they would have […]

Guidelines on the keeping of patient records

Practitioners belonging to the Medical and Dental Board are advised to comply with the HPCSA Guidelines on Keeping of Patient Records. The HPCSA Inspectorate Office recently lent their assistance to a joint operation by the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s Anti-Corruption Unit and the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation looking into possible fraud and corruption in the issuing of Professional Driving Permits […]

Guidelines on professional relationship conduct

Ethics form one of the cornerstones to ensuring the healthcare profession enjoys its continued status and trust from society at large. The HPCSA is embarking on an ongoing awareness campaign to ensure compliance to ethical standards. To this end, Council would reminds practitioners that their ethical guidelines extend to working relationships with fellow healthcare practiotioners: […]

Education and Training Registration Commitee Dental (ETRCD)

Dental education and training oversight have been streamlined through the merger of the under- and post-graduate functions into one committee. Previously, dental matters at the Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDB) were dealt with by three Subcommittees of the Board: the Examinations Subcommittee which had oversight over the examinations for foreign-trained dentists the Undergraduate Education […]

Abiding by scope of practice

There is growing concern by the Professional Board for Dental Therapy and Oral Hygiene that members of the profession under its ambit continue to work outside of their current scope of practice. It is therefore necessary to caution anyone who is practicing as such, or behaving unethically by transgressing the ethical guidelines of the HPCSA, […]

Medical scheme access to clinical records

In terms of Regulation 15J(2)© of the Medical Schemes Act Regulations, a medical scheme is entitled to access any treatment record held by a managed health care organisation or health care provider and other information pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment and health status of the beneficiary in terms of a contract entered into pursuant to […]