HPCSA registration comes to you

It is that time of the year, the HPCSA is bringing registration to specific healthcare practitioners – see breakdown below. The aim of this initiative is to ensure that you are registered on time to commence your internship, community service or even independent practice. You will  have the opportunity to submit your application to the registration team at […]

Who to contact at the HPCSA

Professionals and members of the public are encouraged to call the HPCSA Client Care Centre for all general enquiries at (+27) 12 338 9300 or (+27) 12 338 9301 or info@hpcsa.co.za For more specific questions you can contact the following: Certificate of status call (+27) 12 338 9300 or email hpcsacgs@hpcsa.co.za CPD call (+27) 12 338 9413 or […]

PBEC lodging of complaints

The Professional Board for Emergency Care (PBEC) is receiving an increasing amount of complaints regarding alleged unethical conduct of individuals registered with the PBEC. The Committee of Preliminary Inquiry for the PBEC is appointed to deal with complaints of this nature. Many of the complaints currently received do not fall within the mandate of the […]

Renewal of registration goes online

Enhancements in the Renewal of Registration process for 2017 The HPCSA is pleased to announce that developments and enhancements are currently taking place relating to software and integration. The aim is to improve your experience and the efficiencies of Practitioner Renewals for 2017. You will be notified in due course of the enhanced renewal process […]

Concern about unrest at tertiary educational institutions

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has a responsibility to ensure that it protects the public and guides the professions. Council takes this responsibility seriously to ensure optimal healthcare for all people through the provision of safe healthcare and practitioners that have been educated to the highest professional standards. The HPCSA’s mandate is […]

Benefits of registering with the HPCSA

The responsibility for maintaining high professional standards rests with the practitioner, who is in turn supported by the office bearers of the Council. Registering with the HPCSA confers many benefits on practitioners, including ensuring overall standards within the professions. Practitioners who practise any of the healthcare professions registerable with the HPCSA are obliged to register with […]

What you need to know about fees

Most practitioners enquire how their annual fees are structured. The determination of annual fees for each Professional Board is based on the size of the Board and the activities carried out by the particular Board during the course of the financial year. Annual fees also include the amount needed to cover all indirect financial costs […]

A dental assistant by any other name…

The Professional Board for Dental Therapy and Oral Hygiene (PBDOH) has over the years received enquiries from Dental Assistants to change the Board name to include the profession. These attempts were met with much resistance and this resulted in the Supreme Court of Appeal decision in November 2015 that Dental Assistants should be professionalised and […]

Advertising guidelines for practitioners

In the modern attention-economy, marketing has reality for any practitioner involved in running a sustainable practice. However, we urge professionals to stay within ethical boundaries when trying to acquire patients to make use of their services. The HPCSA provides guidelines that assist the practitioners on best practice: A practitioner shall be allowed to advertise his/her services […]