Ethical conduct of Environmental Health Practitioners: a constitutional imperative

The fundamental duty of Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) is to serve humankind, to safeguard public health, and to protect them against diseases. This involves: inspecting premises, issuing of certificates of acceptability and business licences, serving notices, building plan approvals, taking water and food samples, and investigating of communicable diseases amongst others. This invariably affects the […]

Patient – Practitioner relationship

In recent months, the HPCSA has been inundated with complaints from patients regarding the lack of empathy from various treapractitioners. The Health Professions Council of South Africa is mandated to protect the public while guiding the profession. The ethical responsibility of practitioners is to treat patients with dignity and respect irrespective of the patients’ race, […]

Scope infringement by “front line” staff in optometry/dispensing opticianry practice

Following numerous queries and complaints received by the Professional Board for Optometry and Dispensing Opticians regarding the performance of certain clinical and professional acts falling within the scope of the profession of Optometry and Dispensing Optician by persons who are not registered in terms of the Health Professions Act; the Professional Board saw it fit […]

HPCSA Inspectorate Office is on the move

In order to execute Council’s mandate of protecting the public and guiding the professions, Council has established the Inspectorate Office whose main focus and primary role is to ensure that registered practitioners comply with the provisions of the Act, as well as all rules and regulations governing the practitioners. Over and above that, the Inspectorate […]

The effect of incorrect practitioner details on HPCSA database

The Council has over the years been grappling with the issue of practitioners who do not update their personal details in the event that they change their personal details. This in most if not all instances, involves persons who have changed their addresses or contact details, has an impact on the functioning of the Council […]

Who can apply for a refund from the HPCSA?

During the continious encouters and on-going relationship between practitioners and the HPCSA, instances of overpayment may occur from time to time that needs to be corrected. A refund usually refers to the reimbursement of funds to a client for the following reasons: Duplicate or extra payment – Should a practitioner realise that they have paid […]

Message from HPCSA President

Dear Practitioners A lot has happened since the begining of the year and I am pleased to apprise members on some of the current developments at Council. In 2016, Council prepared and presented to the Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, the first ever 5 – year Strategic Plan. The process for developing the Strategic […]

HPCSA offices closed on 20 March 2017

Please note that on Monday, 20 March 2017, the HPCSA Offices will be closed to the public due to the planned Protest Action that may affect HPCSA operations. Practitioners are advised to make use of the Online Renewal and Payment Portal to renew their registration. The Call Centre will be fully operational  to assist with […]

HPCSA Annual Fees 2017/8

A friendly reminder that HPCSA annual fees are due before 1 April 2017. These fees are payable by persons registered in terms of the Health Professions Act No. 56 of 1974. The HPCSA annual fees for 2017/8 are as follows:  DENTAL THERAPY AND ORAL HYGIENE: TT Dental Therapist R1806.00 OH Oral Hygienist R1806.00 DA Dental Assistant […]